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Hotel Guest Privacy Policy for hotel Estheréa


You should read this Hotel Guest Privacy Policy carefully before providing us with any of your personal information, i.e. any information collected and recorded in any format that identifies you personally, whether directly (e.g. name) or indirectly (e.g. phone number).

This Hotel Guest Privacy Policy is part of hotel Estheréa’s terms and conditions governing our hotel services. By accepting said terms and conditions, you expressly consent to this Hotel Guest Privacy Policy.

Hotel Estheréa may use your personal information for marketing purposes. If required by applicable law, you will be requested to give your prior express consent to receive such marketing materials.


This Hotel Guest Privacy Policy is applicable to:

a. Any data processing implemented by hotel Estheréa

b. The web sites and


As a guest of hotel Estheréa, you may be asked, at various times, to provide personal information about yourself and your family members, such as:

◦ Contact information, e.g. name, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, etc;

◦ Other personal details: date of birth; nationality;

◦ Children Information: name, birth date and age;

◦ Credit card details;

◦ Your dates of arrival and departure/visit from/to our hotel;

◦ Your preferences and interests, e.g. preferred location of your room (low floor, high floor, etc.), type of bed, preferred newspaper, sports and cultural interests;

◦ Any questions/comments you may have during or after your stay in our hotel.


Personal information may be collected in certain circumstances including without limitation as follows:

a. Hospitality activities such as :

  • Booking of a hotel room;
  • Check in and check out;
  • Consumption during a stay in our hotel as tracked through room charges;
  • Claims, requests and/or disputes.

b. Participation in marketing programs:

  • Registering with our loyalty program “Friends of Estheréa”;
  • Contribution to guests surveys and/or comments (e.g. “Guest Satisfaction Survey”, “Contact us”);
  • Subscription to newsletters, to receive e-mail offers or promotions.

c. Provision of information by third party service providers:

  • Tour operators, travel agencies, GDS reservation systems, others, ...

d. Internet activities:

  • Connection to Estheréa websites (IP address, session cookies);
  • Fill in of an online collection form (e.g. online bookings, questionnaire, etc.).


We use your personal information for the following purposes:

a. To manage your reservation and booking:

  • To book and reserve hotel rooms and requested accommodation;
  • To establish and maintain business records and comply with accounting requirements;
  • For back office processing; including managing a list of undesirable guests, further to a non-payment, or to improper behavior, etc.

b. To manage Your stay at the hotel:

  • To track consumption (telephone, bar, Internet);
  • To access rooms.

c. To improve our hospitality services, including:

  • To process your personal information in our Clients Relationship Management (CRM) program;
  • To better understand your needs and requests;
  • To tailor our products and services to better suit your desires.

d. To send you newsletters, promotions and marketing material or contact you about tourism, hospitality or services, hotel promotions.

  1. To improve our services, including:
  • To conduct surveys and analyze guests’ questionnaires and comments and activity patterns
  • To manage guests’ complaints.
  • To let you benefit from our loyalty program

f. To secure and improve your use of our Internet websites, including:

  • To improve website navigation and;
  • To implement security and fraud prevention means.

g. To comply with local regulations (e.g. retention of business or accounting documents).


We may have to share your personal information with internal or external recipients in the following ways:

◦ We may share your personal information with any authorized individual who needs to access your personal information to provide you with the requested services or in the context of an action as a consequence of you providing such personal information (Hotel staff, reservation staff using our reservation tools; Information Technology, commercial partnership and marketing departments; Legal Department, if necessary; and any relevant individuals for specific categories of data).

◦ External service providers and partners: we may share your personal information with third parties for providing you with the requested services and improving your stay with us (Third party service providers: IT subcontractors, international call centers, banks, credit card providers; outside counsels, mailing service providers, printing companies; Commercial Partners).

◦ Local authorities – internal investigations: we may also share information with local authorities if required by local law or as part of internal investigations within hotel Estheréa in compliance with local regulations.


Hotel Estheréa takes appropriate technical and organizational measures, in accordance with local law requirements, to protect your personal information against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access. To this end, we have implemented technical measures such as firewalls and organizational measures such as a login/efficient password system, physical protection, etc.

You may have to enter your credit card details to complete your reservations; in such event, hotel Estheréa uses specific technology to encrypt such personal information.


When you visit one of our websites, some browsing-related information on your device (computer, Smartphone, tablet etc.) is likely to be recorded in files called "cookies" and stored on your device.

a. What are the different types of cookies?

There are several categories of cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies: these cookies are essential in order to browse some websites and use all of their features (the user's operating system support, display etc.). Without these cookies, features such as the display will not have optimum functionality. Note: these cookies collect purely technical data and do not identify you personally.

Performance cookies: these cookies help us improve a user's experience by helping us understand how they use our websites (most frequently visited pages, applications used etc.). These cookies do not identify you individually.

Functionality cookies: in order to make browsing easier, these cookies store certain user preferences (language, username, country etc.).

Targeting/advertising cookies: these cookies enable a user to receive targeted advertisements based on their interests, but they also limit the number of times that the advertisements appear.

Affiliate cookies: these cookies enable third parties ("affiliates") that publish marketing campaigns on their websites to be paid on behalf of the "web merchant".

Cookies from social networks: these third-party Cookies let you communicate the content of our site to others, as well as your opinion in relation to our site. This is the case with the "Share" and "Like" buttons on "Facebook," "Twitter," "LinkedIn," "Viadeo," etc.
Social networks which offer these application buttons can identify you by these buttons, even if you did not click on one of them when you visited our site. Indeed, some Cookies allow the social network concerned to follow your navigation on our site whenever your social network account is activated on your device when at the same time, you are on our site.
We have no control over the procedures social networks use to collect information about your navigation on our site. Please read these social networks privacy policies regarding personal data. These should allow you to exercise certain privacy options with these social networks, in particular by adjusting your user accounts for each of these networks.

b. Why does hotel Estheréa use cookies? Cookies help us to improve the quality of your browsing experience when visiting our websites. This technical process primarily allows us to:

  • adapt the layout of our websites to suit your device's display preferences (language, display resolution, operating system used etc.)
  • store some of the information that you fill in on our online forms to help us personalize your subsequent visits to our websites
  • enable you to access your personal pages more quickly by storing the log-in details or information that you have previously entered
  • collect statistics. These relate mainly to the number of times you visit our websites and your use of the different services that we provide, with the aim of improving their relevance and usability
  • put security measures in place (for example asking you to reconnect to a page or service after a certain amount of time has elapsed)
  • offer you, through advertisements, personalized content that is likely to be of interest to you.
  1. c. Important: Advertisements or links to third-party websites may be included on our websites. Your personal details may be collected by third parties when you click on these links. This charter does not cover visits to third-party websites. Hotel Estheréa cannot be held responsible for the policy of third-parties regarding personal details and the use thereof.
  2. d. How can you manage your cookies (enable, limit, block)?

Configuring your Internet browser (Internet ExplorerTM, FirefoxTM, SafariTM, Google ChromeTM, OperaTMetc.) is a free and effective way of managing cookies. You can then decide to enable the use of all cookies integrated in the pages and content that you consult. You can also decide to block the use of cookies on your device. Or you can choose to be asked by your browser to either agree or disagree before the installation of a new cookie on your device or to accept or reject the cookies depending on the issuer.
The way cookies are managed will depend on your browser. Here, you will find all information relating to usage instructions:
For Internet ExplorerTM:
For ChromeTM:
For SafariTM:
For FirefoxTM
For OperaTM:


We will store your personal information only for the time necessary for the purposes stated in this Hotel Guest Privacy Policy, or as permitted by the applicable law.


You have the right to access, modify or delete your personal information. You can also object to the processing of your personal information as described in this Hotel Guest Privacy Policy provided that you have legitimate reasons. However, please note that if you object, we may in certain circumstances be unable to provide you with the service requested.

If you wish to exercise your rights on your personal information held by us, then you must contact the hotel directly.

To object to the processing of your personal information for marketing purposes or if you encounter any problem when exercising your rights, you can contact the dedicated Data Privacy Contact of the hotel:

Hotel Estheréa

Attn. Esther Peper-Esselaar

Singel 303-309

1012 WJ Amsterdam

In the interests of protecting the privacy of all our guests, we will need to identify you properly prior to responding to your request. To this end, we may request a copy of a valid identification paper such as a current driver's license, identity card or passport.

If your personal information is not accurate, complete or up to date, please provide us with your request for correction. Any requests for correction will be dealt with as soon as practicable or in compliance with applicable law.


We may amend this Hotel Guest Privacy Policy from time to time as indicated below. Therefore, we invite you to read this Hotel Guest Privacy Policy regularly and in any event when making a reservation.


If you have any questions about this Hotel Guest Privacy Policy or how hotel Estheréa processes your personal information in general, please contact Esther Peper-Esselaar as mentioned in section 10 above.

Book a room

Benefits of booking directly
Tarifas desde 100,00 Euro Close

1. Quienes reserven directamente tendrán dos horas más de tiempo para abandonar la habitación, las 14.00 horas.

2. Las personas que hacen una reserva directa reciben un descuento sustancial en el desayuno, que regularmente cuesta € 18 por día, cuesta sólo € 13 por día por persona.

3. Las reservas directas podrán ser anuladas o modificadas gratuitamente hasta 24 horas antes de la llegada.

4. Si se hospeda 3 noches o más, tendremos regalos especiales disponibles para usted.