Hotel Estheréa was founded by Maria Flieger-Gruyters. She decided to move to Amsterdam following the death of her husband during World War Two. She looked after a guest house on behalf of its owner, who had been forced to go underground. She was given the option to purchase the building when it became apparent the owner hadn’t survived the war.

This was the start of Estheréa. The guest house – which started with just 12 rooms – continued to expand every time Maria had the opportunity to buy an adjoining property. This allowed it to develop into the hotel it is today.



The guest house underwent a complete transformation during the years which followed. The hotel is now run by Maria’s granddaughter Esther and her team. The hotel has been completely renovated and is included on UNESCO’s world heritage list. The facilities are extensive, including a bar which has been named after the founder Maria and which is open 24 hours a day, a gym and all the rooms have been designed completely in line with the Estheréa style.


It’s therefore no longer an old-fashioned guest house, but a fully-fledged boutique hotel, where every room is truly unique! The hotel is also constantly changing, the rooms are given a regular makeover and nothing stays the same, apart from the very distinct Estheréa style.



During its 80 years of existence, Hotel Estheréa has grown from a small guest house to a luxury gem with 91 rooms and two suites. A true empire, founded and run by strong women and a fantastic team with a vision.


One thing which has definitely remained throughout the years is the family feeling. Personal attention, authenticity, service and an eye for detail. You don’t just see that when you first enter the hotel, you can sense it everywhere.